Going over to the right side of the handset will show you two separate volume keys, which feel good when pressed, giving the perfect amount of tactile feedback. Navigating through the phone menus is butter smooth and super fast. The colors seemed washed out. Google will reportedly introduce two new Pixel phones in early By Jacob Siegal 1 day ago. Overall, the in-hand feel of the G2x is solid and it truly feels like a premium device. The front of the G2x is your standard Android affair. Your false assumption is that I am one of those people.

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When you are shelling out EUR for a small device which does not need that much of imagination to make it nice to look and hold. I always had full reception with my other tmobile g2d from the same spot… I love the computing power of the phone but they have to get the glitches out of this thing.

G2x LED Notification App (Android)

That said, your coverage will vary depending on how close you are to a tower. With Android having so many different hardware and software combinations in the mix, a lot of the articles are succinct, concrete, and informative. Glad LG really stepped anfroid its high-end smartphone game. They do put in a lot of effort in every single thing.

T-Mobile LG G2x Android smartphone hands-on

Hurry Before It’s Gone! I think the resolution on the Atrix comes into effect on the Graphics Benchmark. The G2x can easily stand out in the crowd today, but can it maintain its allure when the competition arrives?


Since the t2x ships with Android 2. I was initially expecting the G2x to be a premium device and look nice, but feel cheap and light, similar to the Galaxy S devices. I think the last Apple-related post I made was in re: Reception goes in and out.

Overall, the in-hand feel of the G2x is solid and it truly feels like a premium device. Look at the IPhone, whatever one can say about it and maybe I will never go ahead and buy one. I cant make a call from my couch because I dont have reception.

g2xx The back of the G2x is done up in a soft touch finish, and is easily removed by a tab at the bottom. Some other mobile operating systems may have attempted this, but none are as good as Android when it comes to customization. Google introduced the JavaScript V8 engine in Android 2.

The metallic strip on the back of the G2x sings quality, even if some may not like the look of it. Within the mobile space, Apple releases are rarely about new hardware or software. The battery last a full day but yes you will need to charge it every night. Maybe Motoblur is sucking the life out of the Atrix?

You forgot to mention that the G2X also comes with the super durable Gorilla Glass! Second will shut off since the first day purchased and with the battery over half way full, no apps downloaded.

G2x LED Notification App (Android)

You just pay for the phone outright or break it up into monthly payments. Like most cameras on smartphones, you need optimal conditions to show just how good it is, which is exactly what the review says. Sprint might be the only hope there. I have down loaded app after app after app and this phone is like is this all you got?


REVIEW: T-Mobile G2x – Dual-core Tegra 2 powered Android phone

CNN announced it is making its popular news application available globally for free from the Android Market. The front of the G2x is your standard Android affair.

I sit it right next to my wifes g2x that we bought the same day, Mine will have 1 bar of reception and hers has 4…. In this competetive world of smartphones, every bit counts. The review above saying he played some games and some light apps and the battery lasted 11 hrs is just plain BS… Im lucky if I get 6 hrs with no games, no apps and no wifi and only make a few calls.

Its a pity androud the design. Now if I can only wait patiently until Wednesday until mine comes in the mail. I love the Optimus 2X and believe this one is the best Android phone on the market right now.