The screen of V6X00V offers superb horizontal viewing angles, but the vertical ones might have been better greater. But do not forget that you would have to carry the notebook in a bag, often with the PSU, disks, documentation and other personal belongings, which normally doubles the weight of the “hand-luggage”. On the black keys, there are Russian and English characters. This is what Battery Eater ’05 v. Its operating performance was taken with HD-Tach software.

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Here are two USB 2. The drive is not multi-zoned, i. On the other hand, you don’t have to use the hardwire interfaces or plug in other devices on the go.

Where can I get driver for an old Asus M6000 Notebook?

At the same time, the recording quality is also good. At archiving jobs, V6X00V took a small lead, although theoretically the performance of the systems should be absolutely the same. The distinctive feature of this model is the video system. But we were delighted about the response time.

This is very convenient for work at home or in the office, but is not always of convenience in the journey because it’s just the lateral panels which are held most often.

The average seek time is Despite the fast m6w00va of tests at the maximum graphic settings we managed to play comfortably only at the medium settings. During operation, especially when executing demanding tasks, the right-hand part heats up immensely, but the cooling system does its job well without any noise.

The housing is made of grey plastic, very nice to touch, not showing the dirt and well hides the fine scratches and fingerprints. On the front panel, there is a number of colored LEDs: It takes the battery approximately the same to recharge and discharge – 2 hours 17 minutes. All the surfaces are of mat color, nice to touch, and not slippery, which allows holding it more confidently without leaving ugly fingerprints.

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The other side of using this coating is enhanced reflectivity of the matrix, especially on the “deepened” black background, which is not aeus comfortable sometimes you have to choose the place for work for quite a while to have the screen not reflect anything. The drive is modern enough, although during operation it can be one of the noisiest asua component. Once we are talking about the video system, a few words on the matrix as well.

The graphic processor itself runs at MHz, and the memory at MHz thus reducing these parameters to and MHz respectively when battery-operated. What lacks to set up a full-featured mini media center is a subwoofer. Today we have shown that a modern notebook can be a full-featured replacement for a gaming desktop PC and a multimedia center. The choice of these models is dictated by the following two factors. At the end of the day, we got the impression that the bottleneck of these two games is the RAM capacity 1 GB is needed for a comfortable gameplayso a slowly running HDD having to wait too long for loading the next level and addressing the swap file all the time is deathlike, in the direct meaning of the expression.

In so doing, it can take much less space and will let the user always have the data ready at home, at the workplace, and on the go. The audio system of the notebook is made up of the software codec Intel FB AC’97 and two speakers.


This margin of power is enough for 2 hrs 44 min of operation in the mode of maximum load or for a bit more than 5 hrs in asuw power saving mode. This is what Nero InfoTools tells. Now coming back to the interior of V6X00V, let’s look at the disk subsystem. This is what Battery Eater ’05 v. Processor proved to be the hottest part. A tradeoff for such compactness and universality is the price and upgradeability restrictions.

ASUS M6N Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10 & XP

Besides, there is support for M6q00vva hard disks. These characteristics are sufficient for a mobile hard disk but they loose to the mid-sized hard disk of 3. These days, more and more notebooks able to replace the huge and poorly portable Desktop Computer are emerging and offer better communication features, on par at performance. That is confirmed by the graphs produced with Battery Eater ’05 v.

In the power-saving mode, the notebook is able running for 2 hours and 30 minutes. On the black keys, there are Russian and English characters.