The V Ultra is almost as fast as the newest Nvidia offering and a big step up from the Ti For the summary diagrams we used drivers v Such cards won’t be in large supply. Here we can see why two slots are taken up by the card. Maximum clock speed is MHz, hence 1.

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BioShock Infinite and Metro: As expected there is little difference between the cards still waiting for Doom 3 to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Texture detail – High Quality. Here is the processor hidden under the cooler. The pictures above show that perfectly. April and May will show who are developing just “paper” creativity and who will actually fill up the market.

V Series | ASUS Global

Frankly speaking, NV30 is a card for researchers axus are interested in testing cards with different drivers and analysis of operations of various 3D functions.

The architectural improvements since the GeForce4 are so obvious the V Ultra is actually three and a half times faster than the Ti but less than two percent below the NV35 card.

We think Nvidia have realized this and their new cards use a conventional approach to cooling.


Overclocking results are not obligatory characteristics of video asks. The marking here is placed on the top, though earlier it was made in the middle. None of the cards could complete the higher resolution tests without the application crashing. This radiator is connected to the copper plate with pipes containing low-boiling liquid inside where heat transfer takes place.

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Even in Morrowind with its vast spaces without grass it would take quite a lot of time to find scenes where different anisotropy modes look different. There isn’t much between the NV30 and NV35 cards. It also concerns ASUS V Ultra because this is a copy of the reference card packed into an attractive box and equipped with old software. The mode of 8xS is almost useless as it doesn’t improve quality. The device consists of a copper plate and a turbine cooler attached above, asue fan of which pumps air through the tubular radiator.

And what about quality?

More Power Protection Products Intel Canterwood Chipset Review. But is this mode that needed? Here we can see f9900 two slots are taken up by the card. Here are the manufacturers specifications: Code Creatures This test is designed to stress the cards by throwing lots of polygons at them.

Such turbine system is very noisy. Intel Pentium 4 2. Looking at the back the current trend of large surface area heat sinks is continued with the Ultra card having almost twice as much coverage.


ASUS V Ultra (NVIDIA GeForce FX Ultra) Video Card; AA & Anisotropy Quality

The V gives top end performance without the top end price tag. The V Ultra takes air directly from the intake at the back and exhausts hot air from the outlet.

Just add in your mind fps. Which yielded the following results: If it’s true, the cards stand a good chance to succeed! This is due to a bug in the ashs which is getting a little long in the tooth.

The situation has improved since the first incarnation of the FX and the noise is barely asis in normal non-3D use which is a big improvement.

The V Ultra is actually faster at the lower resolutions but this is probably due to lack of driver optimization for the FX Ultra.