The basic idea is to increase window less rapidly as delay approaches the maximum. The klog in my previous post is very similar to what I got everytime. Detected out of the box with 8. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. SLUB has been tested for some time and it’s solid enough to try it on your systems, but due to the importance of this part of the kernel, it won’t completely replace the current slab allocator until more exposure and testing has been done, hence it’s not recommended to use it in production systems. It really might pay off to take annother look at the Windows driver, if you have the patience; it may save a lot of hassle if we find a different and faster way. There are quite a lot of new and ported drivers that are already using the new stack which have not been merged in this release, but will get merged in future releases, like the RT2x00 drivers, the bcm43xx driver, zdrw, adm, rtlx, Intel iwlwifi ipw and ipw

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Testing reports, specially regressions, are greatly appreciated. Can you try with the latest development release of Ubuntu? You could try to blacklist it if it’s a module i. Complete driver rewrite to version 2.


Linux_2_6_22 – Linux Kernel Newbies

There is complete documentationincluding “getting started” guides, which provides links to the sources and patches you will need in order to set up a cross-compiling environment for bfin-linux-uclib. Add support for frontend TDA commit Mx: Anonymous inode source commitcommit ; signalfd: But with wvdial works straightforward. The advantages of this version are: They also vary in terms of their capabilities, many of which can’t be discovered from the USB device IDs alone.

Support files larger than 1G commit FAT: Remember to attach your lshal output to the bug report you file and to link to the bug report from the entry for your hardware on this page. Probably the reset should be syncronous after the switch event. Detected out of the box with 9.

Does NOT work in 9. The last thing to be automatic C perfect is a mechanism to wait for the minimum exact time needed and not a fixed one.

The reset happen too early while the switching is still running, and the modem was stuck. To post a comment you must log in.

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I tested the following udev rule in: Comments Immutable Page Search: Add support for async scanning commitadded support for 8G speed and new HBAs commit ipr: So neither a TCL script or a log running binary is well suited for this purpose.

If I understood linkx correctly, this double command worked as well for switching.

All now working with network-manager. Add partition capability commitallow arbitrary NAND size commitoptionally report wear information commitsimulate flash errors commit NOR: This bug was reported a while ago and there hasn’t been any activity in it recently.

January 6th, 4. Sierra Wireless AirCard Maybe had to disable Windows driver install mode on 1st run? As a result this bug is being closed. Add support for Seeq on Challenge S Mezz board. Update firmware commitand firmware commitadd ipv6 TSO and checksum for commitadd support for Serdes. Mon Jul 05, 3: APN depends banddluxe contract: Join Date Apr Beans The basic idea is to increase window less rapidly as delay approaches the maximum.