In this case, the report itself is created, but there is no data from the database. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The composite that is created calls the DataSourceWizardPage. I found the folder. Page generated in 0. The open method is one of the methods observed that you must override. Report message to a moderator.

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Dear Jason, Thank you for your very fast reply. If you are using the wizard, the Connection object most of the boilerplate code is already written, but you complete the implementations of these methods.

If you don’t create a design time UI plug-in, BIRT provides prompts for the properties that are defined in the plugin.

I was a little slower getting back to you because, to be honest, I haven’t been using the report designer so I had to set it up and work out how to use it. Pay attention to that little tidbit about the plugin.

The BIRT ODA extension point

Several custm extension points are defined in BIRT. But what is different about the ODA architecture is that several of the observed calls are actually factory calls, requiring the observer to create new objects that are themselves observers. Report message to a moderator. You can then apply sorts during the retrieval process. Fri, 23 February Page generated in 0.

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When generating a report, the following error occurs: BIRT’s internal data engine serves as the observed object, and the developer is responsible for creating the observer. You use the next method to iterate over each row in the result set. The complete source for the plug-in is available in Download. My ODA driver plugin now appears in both the “Plug-in Details” and “Configuration Details” marked as resolvedbut I still get the same errors in the report designer and when running the bbirt engine API.

That roughly describes all the objects that are used in the runtime plug-in. girt

java – Birt cannot find JDBC driver – Stack Overflow

The Connection object also serves as a factory for IQuery objects through the newQuery method. Let’s consider the runtime plug-in first. It calls a separately defined property page.

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You should be able to create a design with your data source then. Remember that editing a data source editor when you click a data source in the BIRT editor does not call this same set of classes: Unable to load or instantiate the custom ODA driver class.


Cannot get ODA data source driver helper. In this case, the report itself is created, but there is no data from the database.

Depending on the data source you retrieve, you can override the close method in the IResultSetas well. For a database query, you use a Structured Query Language query.

Sat, 24 February John Ward Published on November 27, The composite that is created calls the DataSourceWizardPage. The my test project can be downloaded here. Dear Jason, Scott and Ravi, I have progressed a little more.

The BIRT ODA extension point

A getMetaData method returns the metadata of the column types. The factories must generate observers for data source connections, data set queries, parameters, and result sets see Figure 1.

Among the copied files was the file oda-jdbc. When I run from the report engine API, my extension is not registered.