This function momentarily unlocks the door s programmed in Parameter 1: This keypad does not sound exit tones. An account number must be assigned to each active area. All Duress-capable passcodes must be unique and cannot be derived from other passcodes. This is normally used for an associate area. Use this parameter to enable a special non-scrolling option for the idle system status display text on a keypad.

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Reports access control level change event. Associate area Keypads can display faults from Shared areas as long as the Shared areas fall within the scope of the Associate area. For information regarding which hardware More information. To order copies of this booklet, please write to Corporate Communications, Bosch Limited.

Reports “secure door” event.

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Alarm verification points are programmed individually to activate the verification feature. Reports missing fire point. Enter the door number that is used by this keypad for the Cycle Seckrcomm passcode function or to show the Close Door warning. This parameter allows you to manage the tone by keypad. This keypad does not sound exit tones.


This function deletes the passcode, Master User associated with the user number. A user does not require Security Level or Disarm Level authority to activate a custom function with a token or card.

Not in Use Selections: Users are limited to performing functions enabled by the authority level they have in the area that the keypad is moved to.

The control panel checks moeem a date change. This allows the control panel to re-check alarm verification point activations before generating alarm signals.

The information in this parameter is auto-configured when the keypad is first installed. Reports panic alarm restoral. This function cannot extend the closing time past midnight nor can it extend past an areas configured Latest Closing time. Users have access rights for this area modme the area is Part Obsch or disarmed, but not when the area is all on Armed.

Control Panels – Bosch Security Systems

Users do not have access rights to this area. Reporting Delay for Single Tower: If you mocem Midnight, RPS sends To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

If authorization is required, you can modify the authority level required for the authorized user refer to Remote Firmware Update.


CF This parameter specifies the custom function that is run when the B Key on a B vosch keypad is held for 2 seconds.

DL Securcomm Modem

The modem manufacturers, however, reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Even if this is a leased line connection or dial up connection the maximum. Use this parameter to enable or disable the specified area. Reports successful RPS access event.

The keyfob panic response is enabled or disabled globally. Yes or No This parameter activates the Trouble Tone if the phone line fails.

Test reports can be set up as manual or scheduled events in the Skeds section of the program. A virtual point configured with Output Follows Point.

A single area keypad with Area Wide scope is bisch for this feature. If the day, month, or year has changed, the control panel’s date is set to the new date.