I think it goes to the question of the remaining analogue subscribers, how hotly interested are they in getting into movie services. Well, but more channels is a factor in there. No, I don’t think that is fair. For the example, it’s a set amount of 1. I think the idea that they are bringing in additional feature films that are well beyond sort of the U. It’s not like there is a problem about Canadian films. Our contributions to Canadian programming will be negatively impacted and the potential impact on other players in the Canadian system cannot be ignored.

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Now, ajdio us look at the subset of digital, which is pay, just using the same numbers. I’m not sure the evidence is clear on that. Paul, in his comments, talked about the fact that we have brought the HBO program into Western Canada where they were previously not available due to a commercial dispute that existed between the previous owners and the HBO organization.

As we audiio in our written submission, our services deliver an outstanding selection of the highest quality, most popular foreign and Canadian premium programming.

For June of ? So this is not the time to weaken the pay sector. And they are paying lower rates with more purchasing power for this product. But it doesn’t realistically characterize the behaviour that happens in the market in this context.

Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc. Was it paragraph 10, the one we are referring to?

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There is material still to come which you haven’t yet seen, nor have we, and you will have to have an opportunity to consider that and reply.

What else do you have to back that up other than it is a commonsense kind of point? Well, first of all, the not evenness is, the empirical basis is examining the consequences of the competitive within this segment in the United States.

To date in this country, we have found that those consequences are extremely negative and that is why we have the system that we do and the benefits that have been derived from the system.

We have seen it before. Contrast this with the Canadian market, which provides much more access to the same programming.

The other for non exclusivity. Movie Central carries all theatrically released Canadian movies, the best in Canadian series and all first windows on the original series of HBO As well as most of Showtime and those that we did not run ran on specialty channels such as Showcase.

Those are my questions. Goldstein’s company did the study for both Astral and Corus jointly, so I will try not to cover the same ground again. These proposed new rules will result in a significant increase in regulatory intervention in the programming market.

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We have had it and read it so you can proceed. Every negotiation that we have undertaken our rates have gone adaptre notwithstanding the supposed power we have to dictate those rates.

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Goldstein’s work, so thank you for all the filings that you have put in. So we have the same piece of paper.

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Spotlight Reply where they are dealing with the C. It is joined at the level of price, of rates, of what the BDU actually passes on to the service. So, I have the Olympics almost multiplexed because I live in Canada.

So, you are saying that your rates have come down. Well, could you just answer that? Chairman, I think one other area where you might want to look for empirical evidence is through the migration proceeding.

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Two questions flow from that. Can you now sell it to them? An economist would say, no doubt he would be wrong because economics never works in the world of Canadian audiovisual production, but an economist would say that the purchaser’s perceived value was lower and therefore he was less willing to pay. When the original applicants made their addapter and raised their initial capital, they were expecting penetration levels adwpter reach a certain level.

But the applicants would first have to demonstrate and the Commission must accept that there is clear demand from Canadian consumers for this.