When installing your card, ensure that you plug the dvico audio-out port into the CD-in port or AUX, if you have one , on your sound card or directly into your motherboard if it has onboard sound. This will enable the second tuner and is needed for the remote to function. To start and stop your mythfrontend using your remote first you must enable irexec to run in the background. When you log in the TV will light back up. If you want to come back here and your myth backend is running you can always stop and start the backend by using these commands:. So far, the HDTV tuner works better than ever.

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A very simple solution is to look at its fksion in dmesg:. Now I have dug out an old desktop running Vista service pack 2. If anyone gets it to works with Window 7 please let me know how.

Dvico fusionhdtv usb driver

Thanks for marking this as the answer. The scheduling is also intuitive and simple to use, with an option to shut down the PC after the scheduled recording is finished.

Now when you press a button on the remote you should see fusioj appear. This page should be cleared off in preparation for deletion. You can get it here: I tried the latest driver and it still didn’t work. This is an on-card port in both cases – not one of the ones at the rear that you can fusionn from outside your computer.


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I have had a problem with the usb which may be fixed in the next release of Ubuntu. If you want to come back here and your myth backend is running you can always stop and start the backend by using these commands:. Anyway after about 10hours of mucking around with the thing I finally got a Semi working config.

Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. So now change your hardware. If you want to know what keys you can use for this config file check out: This I found to be the most painful as I was using the wrong driver for a long time.

Now to have mtd start up in the background each boot add “mtd -d” to rc. This process is very speedy and only took around 90 seconds to complete. Edgy will prompt you to install updates as soon as its loaded. To get mythweb going you will need to do a few things firstly change the permissions on the directories:. Run mtd again and everything should be OK.

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Reboot if necessary and have your svideo plugged into your tv and make sure your tv is on so that it can autodetect. DriverHive is a driver updater service that will scan your computer’s installed devices, identify the best fitting drivers and provide them in an easy, convenient format. This is done with 3 files:. This is simply done dbico the command:. If your like me and you dont have a monitor attached to your mythbox you can easily fueion to your Desktop using VNC.

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DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital Installation

So we will reload the module that we removed before. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Funnily enough the TV seems to be updated faster than my monitor!

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To test the remote do:. For updating all Dvico drivers, use DriverAssist.