The agreement gives opportunity to parties and civil society organisations to discuss necessary constitutional amendments to develop the political system and the electoral system and constitutional legalization for a local rule with large powers, and enabling the parties represented in parliament complete discussing subjects that were not agreed on. Two Saudi air strikes attack Marib News: Army shoots down Saudi Typhoon jet. Army spokesman denies Saudi lies over ballistic missile target. Saudi aggression launch over 49 airstrikes on Yemen. Three Saudi aggression air raids hit Saada.

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In his report presented to the second session of the 7th General Conference of the GPC on Tuesday the Secretary General indicated that the GPC would adopt the necessary constitutional amendments in the context of developing the political system and conduct legal amendments according to which is the completion of procedures for the transfer to local rule with large powers realising financial and administrative decentralisationdevelopment of the legislative power by transferring to the bicameral systemdeveloping the electoral systemallowing all the national forces the chance to enhance their political participation.

The vision also include encouragement of conversion and extractive industries as well as the small industries, development of industrial, agricultural and natural exportscompleting necessary infrastructures for achieving economic and development progress according glc a strategy determining priorities and he steps that must be taken.

Saudi fighter jets attack Jawf News: Death toll from Saudi aggression airstrikes on hotel, market in Saada rises to He has also indicated to the agreement resulted from the dialogue at this stage among the factions of the political life known as the gp of February Two UAE pilots killed in Jawf.

FM spokesman calls for ending aggression war, blockade on Yemen News: President Saleh returns home after 3-nation tour Try to be honest to yourselves and don’t steal articles which you didn’t translate. Saudi aggression warplanes destroyed gas station in Amran.

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Shamlan is nothing but a puppet for the opposition parties to execute their PR agenda in this campai He added the GPC played its pioneering role in engaging the woman and empowering her politically and in carious areas out of its belief in her active role in development, pgc and society. HI this intersting web sait and usefull. Three citizens killed in Saudi air strike on Saada News: Artillery shells gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Asir, Jizan News: A local official said that the operation attack resulted in killing and injuring mercenaries, adding they also incurred heavy losses at their ranks.

The vice president considered the presidential lections on 20 September 610 a qualitative addition to political building. He pointed out in this regard the Qatari mediation and that President Ali Abdullah Saleh issued a decision on 17 July ending military hostilities in Saada.

Scores of Saudi enemy soldiers were killed and injured on Sunday when the army and popular forces repelled a Saudi military attempt to sneak into Shurfah site in 620 border province of Najran, a military official said.

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The GPC would also work for expansion and enhancement of the woman participation and empowering her politically through adopting of legal amendments guaranteeing her reaching to the parliament and different leading posts so as the woman becomes an active partner in various areas. Artillery hits Saudi-paid mercenaries’ sites in Jawf. Artillery shells gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Asir, Jizan. Army shoots down Saudi Typhoon jet.

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Hadi also talked on efforts of the GPC and its government for ending the phenomenon of terror and facing terrorist gp and cells. Saudi aggression warplane kills civilian in Saada.


goc The army and popular committees have killed a total of 18 Saudi-paid mercenaries in sniper operations over the past hours in the central province of Marib, a military official said on Sunday. The airstrikes targeted the areas of Malahiz and Husama in Dhahir district, and areas Thuban, Masahif and Sdad in Bakim district of northern Saada province.

He also talked on the piracy operations in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, clarifying that piracy affected with its damage the vital interests of the country and threatens the international sea routes and affects the commercial gppc in the region.

Try to be honest to yourselves and don’t steal articles which you didn’t translate.

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Saudi air strikes attack Hodeida News: Army shoots down Saudi Typhoon jet News: Saudi air strikes attack Hodeida.

Army kills mercenaries in Nehm.

Artillery shells groups of mercenaries in Marib. Two Saudi air raids attack Marib News: Four Saudi airstrikes hit Marib News: Three citizens killed in Saudi air strike on Saada.

Concerning confrontation with elements of sabotage and gc in some areas of Saada the vice president affirmed that the state exerted great efforts to preclude the rebels from their aggression and bring them back to reason but they insisted and chose violation of legitimacy of the state and raking the fire of sedition.