Hid Battery Driver Version: No Read Digital Audio: We cannot afford to replace all 20 drives at this time, so I am hoping to find some type of a solution. I now think this last assumption may not be completely correct, and the problem is also possibly a code software conflict or corruption. MS Remote Access serial network driver Version: Always have a disc inserted i recommend a Blank CD in the drive when not in use which will make the drive open with just one press of the button when you want to insert another disc.

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Grease is necessary but it attracts dirt and gets sticky so it needs to be removed before lubricating the tray again.

Redbook 50 Filter Driver Version: Disk Drive Adapter 2 Description: Floppy Disk Controller Driver Version: Infra-Red Bus Enumerator Version: Opened my 20A1S and did some cleaning and placed some lubricant on the flywhells and now it opens like a charm. The weird thing is that after performing this whole operation with IsoBuster, the tray is no longer sticky —whether using software or physically pressing the eject button on the drive.


Better than simply tossing the drive, because it is a good reader.

Download LiteOn LHA1L Firmware LiteOn LHA1L

How about putting some type of dust or powder on the non-skid ring to make it less sticky??? Unknown Adapter Driver Description: A bit loud at times, but I mostly have no major complaints. I just blew out my pc again monthly maintenance and suddenly the top drive started doing the same thing. USB Printer driver Version: Hi, my DVD has the same problem.

Note, this is a cross-flashed drive now using a CK version of firmware 9P You will feel the paper clip move inward with the mechanism and with some assistance it will open. Is it possible that a conflict arising from some software in my system is causing this?

Modem Device Driver Version: Microsoft IP Driver Version: Disk Drive Adapter 6 Description: Now open and close the tray repeating the process until the belt and pulleys are completely clean.

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Lite-on LHA1L Firmware BL05 Driver – TechSpot

Bluetooth Serial Driver for Windows Version: I also thought it was a software or firmware issue. I guess time will tell how long this lasts.

I think over time and with a little heat it has deteriorated and has become very sticky.

It does seem mechanical. FT Disk Driver Version: Windows XP Professional 5. It will open practically every time afterwards during that boot of the OS and often on reboots the drive tray will not stick at all. ph

Saturate, operate the mechanism, repeat. I have done this with IsoBuster, but would like a second opinion from other software. But over time about 8 months it has gotten worse.

Volume Shadow Copy Driver Version: This must be just enough to keep the tray motor from opening the tray. Get rid off incd.