Unable to Process Commands. End of year test Storage Devices and Controllers. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I might have some stuff to add that might help here. I just ran out of ports on my win7 MB. You can work back through the old LSI firmwares and see if one of them possibly works.

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LSI SAS 3081e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas 1068e Host Adapter Controller Card

I’d like to get this working so I can attempt to run my very expensive copy of SolidWorks on this workstation or see if I need to invest in a much more expensive machine. Yes, the card will show up during boot, checking comtroller drives etc.

There may be some new ideas for you. If the HBA has firmware older than 1. That seems to be where the issue lies.

Posted March 10 edited. My understanding is this newer FW revision should fix the issue. Please enter your name here. Did you try flashing from within Windows?

Intel SASUC8I and LSI SAS3081E-R LSI 1068e Based RAID Controller Review

I’ve tried a few other HP workstation firmware files, if they looked like they might work, but 108e fails with the Product ID mismatch message. I also flashed it to the IR firmware and prior firmwares too, but the HDDs are not displayed by the OS although the controller is mapped as mpt0 by the mpt driver:.


I run the first batch script from an elevated command prompt and see that I do in fact have:. Another really amazing feature of these cards is their MTBF numbers. It shows on it:. The sas2flsh utility is newer, maybe it makes a difference? Or even with another tool.

I also flashed it to the IR firmware and prior firmwares too, but the HDDs are not displayed by the OS although the controller is mapped as mpt0 by the mpt driver: Press any key to 10668e. For flashing the SAS chipset there is a version of the sas2flsh utility P7 that enables overriding of wrong vendor ID’s. Have you elder HP firmwares?

I have searched HP sources for a newer firmware, but could only find older firmwares, not newers. The SAS drives are being used in my Cotnroller DL Gen9 rackmount server and I didn’t want porf take them out just to put in the workstation, seeing how the workstation wouldn’t support the 6Gbps, I felt it wouldn’t really be worth the sustained rates, but maybe it’d be worth a shot Because of the angle brackets the dump of the boot logs was not displayed correctly, so here is the corrected one: That’s very kind of you.


Just to have another basis. Is that a standalone card or onboard chip?

LSI SAS e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas e Host Adapter Controller Card | eBay

Please reread and consider the DOS option. It seems I am confused and downloading the wrong zip file.

It also shows me that the host controller is PCI-X, although the chipset is clearly built directly into the motherboard. Simply put, this combination is one of the best values for connecting masses of SATA disks to a system where raw performance is not an issue.

LSI Controller FW updates IR/IT modes – Page 57 – Storage Devices and Controllers – Unraid

Can I use a B2 with my B1 chip? I realize that’s not the purpose of this thread, but plrt the firmwares somehow modified to work only with unRAID? End of year test ROM Press any key to continue. By madburg contriller, May 3, in Storage Devices and Controllers. But the firmware is for the E, not thewhich I think is the problem. Are you planning to use this controller in unRAID?