You can use CreateFileForMapping to open any file, including files that are created by CreateFile , for memory mapping. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Need to load and configure raster fonts Windows Embedded Compact. The function fails if the specified file already exists. The class name can be any name registered with the RegisterClass function or any of the predefined control-class names.

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Creates a window that is initially minimized. Indicates that the file is accessed randomly. The function fails if the specified file already exists. Supported in Windows CE versions 2.

Introducing Microsoft Windows CE 3. Applications can read the file but cannot write to it or delete it. We appreciate your feedback.

CreateFileForMapping (Windows CE )

Data can be read from the file and the file pointer can be wnice. If a tool window has a system menu, its icon is not displayed on the title bar. Once opened, the file is truncated so that its size is zero bytes. The file has no other attributes set. If lpClassName is a string, it specifies the window class name. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. If the shell language is Hebrew, Arabic, or another language that supports msfn order alignment, the vertical scroll bar if present is to the left of the client area.


To add or remove this style, use the SetWindowPos function. If the window style specifies a title bar, the window title pointed to by lpWindowName is displayed in the title bar. Creates a child window. The file is read only. Specifies read access to the object.

Applications use this attribute to mark files for backup or removal. This function creates a file that can be used for memory mapping.

Opens the file, if it exists. For a file, this means that all of the data in the file is compressed. When I upgraded the navigation software, The MSMQ add-on pack, version 1.

Data can be written to the file and the file pointer can be moved. Is this page helpful?

Message Queuing

The following predefined control classes can be specified in the lpClassName parameter. An open handle to the specified file-mapping object indicates success. The file should be opened only one time using this setting. This gives the window a parent, not an owner.


Creates a new file. Development Tools and Languages.

CreateWindowEx (Windows CE )

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. One or more memory storage chips, which typically are nonvolatile, random access memory RAM chips, compose the physical object store. All other applications should attempt to map the file with CreateFileMapping.