Chapter 2 Printer Dimensions Data transferred from host to printer. Data Protocol You can select one of the following serial interface protocols to meet the host interface requirements. Do not open the tractor doors or remove the existing paper. Make sure the printer power switch is set to O Off. The ribbon mask location is shown on the ribbon path diagram.

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Column zero is defined as the far left edge of the page, and column numbering increments from left to right. Configuration is the process of matching the p0505b operating characteristics to those of the host computer and to specific tasks, such as printing labels or printing on different sizes of paper.

Printronix P5005B 500 LPM Pedestal Line Matrix Printer

Asserts a busy signal only when the print printronx are full. Make sure the wire paper tent is fitted in the pull out paper tray in the base of the stacker. The printer slews the bottom of the last page to the tear position. Using proportional fonts generally increases the readability of printed documents, which gives text a typeset appearance. The check digit is appended at the end of the printable data field for MSI barcodes.


Close the tractor door.

Line Matrix

printronxi Fault Messages Table A process that reorganizes columns prjntronix dots so that clean, readable printing is possible. When chosen from the front panel, it defaults to 12 cpi. Remove the seven tie wraps. Error checking and error messages are suppressed. Fault messages are summarized in Table If the entire line consists of spaces and nulls, the line will be discarded.

Do not open the tractor doors or remove the existing paper.

Unlock the right tractor. The printer waits for the job to print before sending the print completion to the host. Output Type see all.

Load the paper on the left tractor. Remove, unwrap, and replace the paper tent onto the pull-out drawer. NOT warranty batteries on any used devices. If hot or temperatures on dusty, relocate printer.

Table lrinter Contents 1 Introduction Chapter 4 Main Menu Brief descriptions follow for the first-level configuration menu options: Printronix cannot accept responsibility for any failure to satisfy the protection requirements resulting from a non-recommended modification of the product, including the fitting of non-Printronix option cards. Do not set the forms thickness lever too tightly; excessive friction can cause paper jams, ribbon jams with potential for ribbon damage, smeared ink, or wavy print.


Remove the six wood blocks. A paper slew of 0 will move 1 line.

Busy offices demanding quiet performance. Priner skip this procedure and resume printer operation, go to Step The number of lines per inch can range from 3. There are two methods for selecting the desired emulation.

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Cut the tie wrap and remove it from the side plate. Turns off bold print.

Printer Dimensions – Pedestal Model Page Interfaces Overview This chapter describes the host interfaces provided with the printer.