IntroductionOptions and expendablesWe recommend the use of the Pull Tractor, especially,when using the extra-thick papers or performingcontinuous operation. The relationships of the paper sizes with thenumber of printed columns at 10 cpi are described in the table below. Remove or open the rear cover eof the printer to lock the cover inthe open position. Poor quality printing orsmudging of the paperxxxOld or worn out ink ribbon needs to be replaced. When CODE is selected, the character spacing can bechanged by a software command. An appropriate selection isdisplayed according to another setup options like the emulation type of either IBM or FX mode.

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Whenno line spacing is set in the software command, this value 6 or 8 LPI is used as a linefeed.

When the selection of this function is completed, the printer is intialized. TroubleshootingIf an error occurs during printing, you will get several warnings.

Extended setup options Line feed spacingOne of the line feed spacing options from either 6, 8, or 9 line per inch LPI is selected. It greatly enhances the speedand efficiency of document printing by feeding of up to 80single sheets of paper without reloading. Print four times on the same character.

An appropriate selection isdisplayed according to another setup options like the emulation type of either IBM or FX mode. This character set is selected in BP-A mode. To increase versatility even further, the BP has a push tractor for fanfold paper at the rear and optionally a pull tractor or a cut sheet feeder expandable by ASF E for top-feeding operation.


See “Connecting the computer” on page 12 for correct selection andconnection of the interface cable. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Pull tractor, cut sheet feeder and add-on magazine.

The printer also has the 13 most important types of bar codes: Install the paper rack, the sound seal cover,and the ribbon cassette — Pages 10 and When sfikosha is executed, the printer is initialized. For more detailed instructions on setting yourprinter, please refer to the page indicated.

Most of printer’s setup options can be accessed and changed through thefollowing command sequence.

Ignores the CTS signal NoteBefore cleaning the printer, be sure to turn off the power and disconnect thepower cord. The Auto Scroll function allows automatic positioning of the paper perforation against the tear-off-edge.

Selects NLQ font type. When speed draft or super speed draft is set while a fixed spacing is designated, the characterspacing becomes 12 CPI or 15 CPI, respectively.


You can peel the sheet backing paper to stick anywhere on your printer. Raise the rear end tostand vertically and lift straightupward to remove. Refer to the code page table inAppendix C.


Extended setup options Set default page lengthThis function selects a default page length of either 11 or 12 inches at the time of printerinitialization.


PivotRear CoverxOpen the rear cover from thebottom edge and pull it toward thebottom to remove. Extended setup options Software controlled setupThis function enables or disables a control on the setup options from the specially providedsoftware command.

Blown fuse in the printer. Quick startupQuick startupTo make your first print, follow the procedure below.

Printribbons for Seikosha BP 6000

Auto scroll is performed only when the present position, after theprinting, is at TOF. Load the single cut sheet paper or fanfoldpaper. Paper RackxSlide both paper guides to theextreme left and right edges of thepaper rack.

Paper management is further enhanced by the printers’ Intelligent Label Mode, which prevents labels from peeling off. Page 9 Quick startupQuick startupTo make your first print, follow the procedure below.

Consult your dealer to obtain the recommended lubricating oil.