Colorimetric devices are easy to use, and come with software that guides you through the calibration process. Most monitors have a strong blue colour cast. If you are editing photos, then all this variety needs to be accurately displayed on your screen. This excellent article describes the problem in more detail and gives you a work around. The additional controls allow for adjustment using a small netbook screen.

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Datacolor Spyder 4 Express review

The internal measuring components of the Spyder4Express are the same as used in the more advanced Spyder4Pro spyder4exprees Spyder4Elite models. This excellent article describes the problem in more detail and gives you a work around. This gives a good feel for the change, but remember that if you were using the unprofiled setting, your eyes would quickly adapt to what you can see here as a distinct blue tinge.

You then need to uninstall the Spyder4Express software and use Windows’ own calibration program to load the separate profiles for each monitor.

How to Calibrate your Monitor with the Spyder 4 Express

A counterweight slides along the USB lead and should be moved to hang behind your monitor when measuring. I found these instructions for my Macbook Pro. An example is ACDSee. Why don’t my prints match my screen? Buying anything from Amazon not just what’s listed via any of xpyder4express links below helps Keith and Karen keep the site going – thanks if you do!


Image 1 of 2. Another thing to watch out for is that the colours on your monitor drift over time. If I send this lightened image to be printed, then there is every chance that the shadows that looked fine to me on my monitor spycer4express come out too dark when printed.

Review Spyder 4 Express monitor calibrator and profiling system

It’s the vital first step, but you do need to consider some other factors for best results. Gamut is fairly easy.

Most monitors have a strong blue colour cast.

Thanks to everyone supporting our site via these links: The operating system knows the monitor profile is there, but not all programs use it. Other Spyder 4 reviews: That said, there is considerable variation between models and makes in their range of colours and screen brightnesses. Datacolor Spyder 4 Express review Accessories. With a device such as the Spyder4Express, the emphasis is on getting the basic job done.

Once you have the model, you can Google it for the spec sheet. Take a look at these two black spyder4exprrss white images. Book Four — The Photos.

One use for this calibration checking software is that it can spot if some other software or person has altered your colour management spyder4expreas more likely on Windows PC systems. Our visual system is incredibly flexible in the way that different types of light are interpreted. Spyder4Express review Monitor calibration and profiling from Datacolor.

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The spyder4exprezs screen shows where to place the Spyder 4 Express unit. It also doesn’t make any changes to the iPad itself – to view photos using the new calibration, you have to view them from within Datacolor’s own viewer, so it’s not much good to use with iPad graphics apps.

Unlike the more advanced Spyder4 packages, you can’t set a target gamma or colour temperature – the Express model is fixed to a target gamma of 2.

Warranty & Support

Spyder4 changes What do you get? Colorimetric devices are made by several manufacturers.

While the spyder4exptess calibration process did produce better colours, it also lost detail in some photos. The Mac operating system OS X works very well with colour. I often get asked for suggestions about learning more about the nuts and bolts of Colour Management. I selected Apple and the display model was filled in automatically.