Click here to login. I am not great with electronics but obviously something died I have no idea what or how to detect it. Use the interface to control the sequencer is a real pleasure. I was amazed at the sound I got from a ’76 Gibson SG with the impedance matched! There isnt a device out that has that feature alone under a thousand. You’re gonna love the big jog wheel, too. Every channel has dedicated Solo and Mute functions, with a separate section for making adjustments to the selected channel’s other parameters, like EQ, panning and aux sends.

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I got a FW from a friend who is not using it. Computer Control mode is what turns the FW into a physical extension of your DAW, closely syncing with your computer’s behavior. A video of dmonstration would idalie.

Same for the effects and auxiliaries. Likewise, when you’re using a computer keyboard and mouse to mix tracks, automate volume swells and pans, and navigate through a project, you’re thinking like a programmer, not a recording engineer. Anyway, a couple of days later I 0182 to turn the mixer on again and this time it wouldn’t even turn on, no lights, nothing!


I couldn’t find info on this so I decided to make a new thread. The FW software ver 1. I have almost a me and I lacated the control surface too deadly I compose mostly hip-hop with CBase Reason and the management of logiciles done well, the faders are quiet and precise can manage 32 tracks is a very good place to have a good convetisseur Calita for n months time dj is the compagon ideal for multitrack recording, no fuss, it is fairly simple and complete entry-level output.

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The book and online documentation still exists and is reasonably easy to follow. It’s an incredible value for anyone breaking into home recording. No audible breath in my ear He must be careful to be in the correct mode.

FW-1082 on Win 10

I got the Tasvam working with Windows 10 after some fiddling. Controlling the transport functions of the computer with txscam “remote,” rather than pointing and clicking with a mouse, proved to have its own learning curve; but in a few days, I was treating the system like the controller for the Studer Can it be the internal power supply?

With a 4×6 channel bank, the FW gives you immediate control over twenty four channels, also assignable to busses.

I spent my evaluation period counting the I only have 3 mic so i dont even use em all. They come through pretty clear, but they are bit too transparent and lack the depth that I would look for in a set of good pres. It totally stream lined my entire operation the Transport controls and touch sensitive motorized faders and gold.

No noise Automation of the 9 faders blameless Everything works perfectly with the supplied Cubase. It took me about 30 minutes to look over it and i learned so many ways to configure this device. New Reply Thread Tools. Stereo monitoring is included, and the FW even mixes signals internally for stand-alone use.

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One stereo output, a Phantom for 4 inputs or nothing, One guitar input. But its rating used is a bargain!

Request a new review. And really, it’s the most “analog” sounding USB audio interface I’ve heard!

TASCAM Fw FireWire Control Surface & Interface FW | eBay

Fast, reliable delivery We have warehouses on both coasts, so most shipments arrive in 3 days or less. The control surface is very complete I regret a few incompatibilities with SX but quibble a bit, there are ways to control it all The connection is sufficient for a home studio application. Need it now but short of cash?

In most cases, a product is unavailable because it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. But it’s not a ‘budget’ interface by any measure.

I will keep on trying to get it working; I will definitely keep you posted. Feels like you could drop it, pick it up, dust it off and keep moving, without breaking a sweat. Recording up to eight analog sources is a breeze as long as they are line inputs.